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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Latest Solar Flare Activity: Polar Shift 2012

Latest Solar Flare Activity: Would the Polar Shift 2012 Really Happen? - Spiri...:

The Polar Shift 2012 findings have caused uproar and ripples of fear and doomsday conspiracies in the whole planet. It was even recorded that on February, 2001 the sun underwent a magnetic shift of its polar regions and apparently the next magnetic polar shift will happen in 2012. According to scientists from NASA that monitor the sun's activities, the sun's magnetic field underwent a drastic 'flip' about twenty two months before and that this signals an eventual solar maximum; but this was not obvious to human beings. What happened is that the magnetic north pole of the sun is now pointing to the south. NASA says that while it is a surprising situation, it certainly was not unexpected. NASA further adds that the sun's poles will remain as they are now and will remain to do so until the next polar shift in 2012.
But first things first. Let us delve into how this Polar Shift 2012 would affect our own planet. The earth has magnetic field that is buried deep beneath the earth. And this is a fact very well known to people who knows how to use compasses. This geomagnetic field goes beyond the planet itself and even extends as far as to the outer space. At the earth's surface the geomagnetic field is most obvious because of magnetic materials' behavior which naturally aligns itself with the earth's geomagnetic field. Trough observation this magnetic field is buried beneath the earth's crust all the way to the earth's outer core which in turn is believed to be molten iron. This magnetic field is known to extend into outer space and which comprises the earth's magnetosphere.